Unlock your brake!

What's holding you back?

Find it, and eliminate it immediately, so it stops slowing down everything else in your pedicab business.

The first pedicab I ever pedaled was Big Daddy in West Palm Beach, Florida. One of the things I loved about Big Daddy was the brake lock - a simple tool but one I used every shift.

It looked something like this:

When I parked Big Daddy to drop off or pick up a customer or refill my water bottle, I just pushed the little button and it would keep the brake on so my cab stayed still and didn't roll away.

Now imagine trying to work an entire shift with that button pushed.

The brake is locked. You struggle to haul passengers downhill. Instead of your pedicab being the fine-tuned-money-making machine that you have invested so much time into perfecting, it is slowing you down and making your work nearly impossible.

But instead of simply unlocking the brake, you check the tire pressure and fill them to the ideal psi on each one.‚Äč Then you think "maybe I just need a Red Bull". So you shell out a few bucks, pound it, yet still struggle to pedal.

Then you try a dozen other things to remove the resistance but you still leave the brake lock on, so they all fail completely to help!

Think about your business. What is your "brake lock"? What is one clear thing that is holding you back?

Quit wasting time trying easy fixes on other small problems that won't even matter since there is still that one thing, your brake lock, that is strangling all of your other efforts to build a successful pedicab business.

Stop reading this and go unlock your brake lock now!

Then come back, and comment below and share what your brake lock was and how you eliminated it.

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About the Author

Ben pedicabbed in West Palm Beach and Delray Beach Florida before founding and for 10 years operating a pedicab service in Philadelphia. Now he is on a mission to help other pedicab operators grow their own sustainable, thriving pedicab businesses.