About Neighborhood Pedicab Works

bike taxi tire
Ben changing a flat tire in Manayunk, Philadelphia sometime around 2004

If you want to make a living doing what you love – riding, managing, or building pedicabs – than I want Neighborhood Pedicab Works to be the key to your success.

Why do I care if you succeed?

Because I poured my blood, sweat, and tears into building a pedicab business for 10 years. I dreamt about pedicabbing. I thought about it constantly. And I put countless hours into building the business of my dreams.

But I made a fatal error.

When I got stuck, or had a problem in my business that I couldn’t solve, I was afraid to ask for help. I was afraid to reach out to someone else who had probably been stuck for the same reason, and had found a way through it.

I tried to figure it out myself.

And because I tried to figure it out myself, my business died.

Don’t let your pedicab business, career, or dream die while you try to figure it out yourself.

Connect with me and others in our community and learn from our mistakes.

Turn to us for feedback on new ideas for your business.

When you feel like quitting or know you should be finding more joy in your work or life, but it just ain’t there, reach out!

My hope is to be your guide to building a profitable pedicab business, so you can earn a living doing what you love and build the pedicab business or career of your dreams.

Your neighbor,

Ben Dambman

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